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Monday, 11 February 2013

It's been so long!

OMG!! I haven't posted on my blog for ages! Even though I do not have a job I've kept myself busy and got sidetracked :) Soo... this is my first post of 2013.. So happy late new year to anyone out there in cyber land!!

I want to get back into creating cards for online challenges and start posting a bit more. It's great just to explore other people's blogs and get new ideas and inspiration--It would be great if I could inspire other's the way they do me.
I've been crafting tons! + buying a lot of craft items/ supplies= I'm a little bit addicted to online shopping... (A lot actually..)
I've done a few mini albums- one for a friend and one for my little brother. I have also started making "star" mini albums... They are so much fun.

 These star albums are awesome because when they are closed they just look like a normal mini album, but then as you open folds out to a star.. Its good because it can be tied open and sit like this on your desk.

This is what it looks like as you open it.. 3 pretty layers of card stock and patterned paper.
 This is another one I made with a butterfly on the front. I've put these both up for sale on etsy :)
This is one I made for myself and put photos and inspirational quotes in. These albums have 14 pages (4x4")= which is plenty of room for pics and journalling. 

Making these is a little bit addictive....

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